Perforated JP Geopipe

Perforated JP Geopipe

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Perforated JP Geopipe

For over 5 years we have produced perforated pipe for an extensive range of drainage purposes. Our ridged pipe marks a corrugated outer surface with a corrugated inner surface. It comes in an extensive range of diameters, from 80 mm elastic PVC, up to 160 mm HDPE for huge agricultural or business related schemes as carriageway edge interceptor drains. While perforated pipe can be available in an extensive variety of materials, which includes clay ware, fibre cement, concrete and ductile iron, HDPE / PVC has been a strong and robust in the drainage industry proving time and again that it is the most consistent, inexpensive and efficient piping material on the market. Light in weight and durable, our pipe can take care of chemically coarse surroundings, is simple and uncomplicated to install and not effortlessly susceptible to breaking during pipe handling and installation procedures. 2 of its most significant features are:

Flexibility : Because of its elasticity, our perforated pipe is better suitable for trenches or where the ground is not levelled. Depending on whether your conditions speak elastic or stiff drainage resolution, our perforated pipe is trouble free to install and well within the capabilities of the do-it-yourself fanatic.

Perforated :-our pipe can be either completely perforated, i.e., slotted around the complete circumferenceor half perforated, that is, have holes on only one side of the pipe, non perforated, and perforated enclosed in filter sock. Perforations permit subsurface water to be composed and transplanted to favourable locations for discharge. The Perforated pipe provides you the control you require to direct underground water where you want it, to support proper surface water percolation and in many cases to lower the groundwater table.

Selecting Perforated Pipe :-

There is a diversity of different kinds of land drain systems available. The Clayware and inflexible perforated pipes are usually more costly than the elastic kind and they should only be utilized where the intensity of the drainage is such that the weight of the backfill material would cause a elastic plastic pipe to collapse. As a universal rule of thumb, we do not advise the use of elastic plastic pipe at depths greater than 1.2 meters. The suppleness and light weight of our perforated pipe becomes an benefit when access is constrained or environmental situations are extremely harsh.

Components of an ideal perforated drain pipe system :-A base drain pipe system has 4 main components, the perforated drain pipe wrapped with or with out non woven Geo textile filter, the filter media (gravel), non woven Geo textile filter (gravel cover), and the water outlet (Collection tank). All of these constituents must be fixed for the system to function appropriately. The fittings are accessible to permit you to go around corners or inter-relate the pipe.

Recommended Applications :-Our corrugated perforated pipe is mainly used for groundwater collection or recharge. Even though resourceful, the most important use of corrugated HDPE / PVC pipe is for gravity flow water administration.

Some of the typical applications are Building foundation drainage system :-A poorly drained basement or foundation wall can generate a huge number of problems ranging from structural failure of the wall itself to harm to the substances of the basement because of far above the ground humidity. JP Geo pipe is implanted in a gravel ditch at the footing of a base wall, drains water away from the groundwork before it can build up pressure and eliminates extreme water from around the foundation. In addition to keeping a basement dry, pipes can be installed as outlet drains from downspouts and basement window wells.In addition to the elimination of water from a residential foundation, our pipe can be utilized in any structure or area where water can cause unwarranted damage.

Landscape drainage system :-The JP Geo pipe system can take away extreme water from lawns and gardens. The Poor drainage or no drainage at all, can harm a building's base, destroy all the plants and damage a beautiful lawn. The appropriately installed drainage pipe can eliminate water from slopes above house or other constructions, short spots in the yard, flower boxes and planters.


Some of the other application areas are:

  • French drains
  • Leachate collection

Technical Specifications

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